Homing in on the wood

September 11, 2018

Have you dreamt of transplanting that snug little wooden cottage in the hills to the pancake monotony of the plains, but have been deterred by the impossibility of the exercise? Here’s your chance to do so. Promising to turn around the tedium of constructing a house, a couple of companies have started offering pre-fabricated wooden […]

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12 Steps for Building a Bridge

August 11, 2018

When you live out past where the pavement ends, you’re bound to encounter a small seasonal creek, drainage ditch or damp swale that you wish to cross with minimal fuss, not to mention dry feet. You might even want to get your wheelbarrow, lawn tractor or ATV to the other side without tearing up the […]

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5 Tips to Estimate the Cost of Building a New House

July 11, 2018

Many people looking to build a home often wonder exactly how much it costs and how much new home construction costs per square foot – but this is not an easy question to answer. There are many factors and steps to consider when estimating new home construction costs. So, let’s break down the process piece […]

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